The Printpool team has started writing! Check back here regularly to see our latest articles. We will be delving into 3D printing best practices, material choices, and much more.

Latest Articles

  • Why did we Launch a Prototyping Bureau in Oxford?
    Oxford is home to an ancient university, dozens of beautiful buildings, hundreds of high-tech start-ups, and now, a rapidly growing 3D printing and prototyping service. Find out why we launched Printpool in Oxford in this short article!
  • The ONLY Three (and a Half) Applications Where 3D Printing your Design Makes Sense
    In the world of engineering, product design and prototyping, everyone has heard of 3D printing. Sadly the majority of professionals working in the industry still struggle to identify the most promising use-cases for the technology, and often time and money is wasted. That’s why I’ve categorised every great application of 3D printing into one of the three (and a half!) cases. Read on to find out more.